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Hello everyone ! Look at me, back with another blog post.

Today I wanted to talk about a novel I read a few years ago. If you are unaware, Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial will finally start this Monday, November 29, 2021. With that in mind, I would like to bring Filthy Rich to your attention. Written by James Patterson, John Connolly & Tim Malloy, it is about non-other than Mr. Jeffrey Epstein.

James patterson Filthy Rich The Jeffrey Epstein Story

Filthy Rich The Jeffrey Epstein Story by James Patterson John Connolly and Tim Malloy

A shocking true crime tale of money, power, and sex from the world’s most popular thriller writer.

Jeffrey Epstein rose from humble origins to the rarefied heights of New York City’s financial elite. A college dropout with an instinct for numbers–and for people–Epstein amassed his wealth through a combination of access and skill. But even after he had it all, Epstein wanted more. And that unceasing desire–especially a taste for young girls–resulted in his stunning fall from grace. From Epstein himself, to the girls he employed as masseuses at his home, to the cops investigating the appalling charges against him, FILTHY RICH examines all sides of a case that scandalized one of America’s richest communities. An explosive true story, FILTHY RICH is a riveting account of wealth, power and the influence they bring to bear on the American justice system. 

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Filthy Rich was a reasonably decent book. Unfortunately, it’s outdated at this point; it was published in 2016 and released before his last arrest & death. So is it still worth the read? Most definitely. Although you could probably skip the book – In 2020, Netflix adapted Filthy Rich into a documentary.

Initially, when I read Filthy Rich in 2018, Epstein wasn’t nearly as famous a topic as today. Epstein didn’t kill himself & all that. But, over the last couple of years, being in the spotlight again and new information coming to light, he is one hot topic. Four years later, there are two newly published books about Epstein that have caught my eye.

Jeffrey Epstein Perversion of Justice Julie K Brown

Perversion of Justice Julie K. Brown

Perversion of Justice The Jeffrey Epstein Story by Julie K Brown

For many years, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s penchant for teenage girls was an open secret in the high society of Palm Beach, Florida and Upper East Side, Manhattan. Charged in 2008 with soliciting prostitution from minors, Epstein was treated with unheard of leniency, dictating the terms of his non-prosecution. The media virtually ignored the failures of the criminal justice system, and Epstein’s friends and business partners brushed the allegations aside. But when in 2017 the U.S Attorney who approved Epstein’s plea deal, Alexander Acosta, was chosen by President Trump as Labor Secretary, reporter Julie K. Brown was compelled to ask questions.

about perversion of justice jeffrey epstein story

Despite her editor’s skepticism that she could add a new dimension to a known story, Brown determined that her goal would be to track down the victims themselves. Poring over thousands of redacted court documents, traveling across the country and chasing down information in difficulty and sometimes dangerous circumstances, Brown tracked down dozens of Epstein’s victims, now young women struggling to reclaim their lives after the trauma and shame they had endured.

Brown’s resulting three-part series in the Miami Herald was one of the most explosive news stories of the decade, revealing how Epstein ran a global sex trafficking pyramid scheme with impunity for years, targeting vulnerable teens, often from fractured homes and then turning them into recruiters. The outrage led to Epstein’s arrest, the disappearance and eventual arrest of his closest accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, and the resignation of Acosta. The financier’s mysterious suicide in a New York City jail cell prompted wild speculation about the secrets he took to the grave-and whether his death was intentional or the result of foul play.

Tracking Epstein’s evolution from a college dropout to one of the most successful financiers in the country—whose associates included Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, and Bill Clinton—Perversion of Justice builds on Brown’s original award-winning series, showing the power of truth, the value of local reportage and the tenacity of one woman in the face of the deep-seated corruption of powerful men. 

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I don’t recall reading Brown’s story in the Miami Herald & can’t seem to find it. I mean, I didn’t exactly look hard either. Investigative Journalism & Reporting are some of my favourite topics. Especially when it’s exposing some slimeball or another, and if nothing else, Epstein was a slimeball.

Jeffrey Epstein The Spider Barry Levine

The Spider Barry Levine

The Spider Inside thecriminal web of Jeffrey Epsteing and Ghislaine Maxwell by Barry Levine

By now, the basic contours of Jeffrey Epstein’s horrendous crimes—his decades-long serial abuse of young women and underage girls—are familiar. But for all that has been written about Epstein since his shocking death in a lower Manhattan jail cell, an astonishing amount remains unknown. A shy Brooklyn kid turned renegade financier, Jeffrey Epstein never wanted to play by the rules of polite society. He was elusive in life and he has remained just as elusive in death.
What is known is that he had amassed nearly $600 million by the time of his death. That fortune allowed Epstein to pursue a privileged, secretive life, jetting between his fortress-like homes in Manhattan, New Mexico, and Little St. James, his private island. Behind these closed doors, Epstein socialized with scientists and world leaders and preyed on powerless young women.

The Spider jeffrey Epstein

In The Spider, Barry Levine shines a light into the darkest corners of Epstein’s world, including
• Epstein’s young adulthood and earliest accusations of sexual misconduct
• the murky sources of Epstein’s fortune and business dealings

• Epstein’s circle of confidantes and employees, particularly the nature of his long relationship with socialite Ghislaine Maxwell
• his ties to powerful men, including Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Les Wexner, and Donald Trump
• Epstein’s last hours as a free man in Paris and the secret operation to arrest him at a New Jersey airport before he could flee
• new details on Epstein’s final days in jail and the mystery surrounding his death
Featuring rare and never-before-seen photographs, The Spider exposes how Epstein operated and evaded justice for so long—and how he drew so many others into his criminal web.

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The Spider seems interesting as well, albeit for different reasons. From the synopsis, I know this one will contain new information. Although both books are about Epstein, they sound entirely different. Perversion seems like it is more emotional; The Spider sounds like it is more factual. I am a facts-over-emotions type person, so you may hear more about The Spider in the future.

That’s it for today friends.