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Monthly Reading Wrap Up – April 2022

kindle unlimited books suggestions 2022 april

Welcome to another Reading Wrap-Up. I’m going to attempt to do these more regularly. The end of the month kinda just comes and goes, and then weeks later, I’m like, Oh shit… & Honestly, some months are slump months, and I’m lucky if I read one book, never mind enough to make a post about.

This month was an excellent month for me—one of the best I’ve had in a long time. I mostly read Kindle Unlimited books in April. As I mentioned in a previous post, I don’t always keep my Kindle Unlimited subscription active and, as a general rule, try to give as little of my money as possible to Amazon.

Unfortunately, here in Canada, we sometimes, okay, we often don’t have a choice. Especially when it comes to indie authors. But fret not, Canadian friends, Chapters/Indigo/KOBO are starting to carry and publish more indie authors. And hopefully, in the future, more indie authors will have their books available for purchase through them.

Deadly Education Review

Deadly Education - Naomi Novik The Scholomance Book #1

Title » A Deadly Education

Series » The Scholomance #1

Author » Naomi Novik

Publisher » Del Rey

Hogwarts of Nightmares.

Publication Date » September 2020

More Info & Review » Review

April 2022 kindle books

House of Eclipses Casey L Bond Kindle Unlimited Books

Series » House of Eclipses Duology

Author » Casey L Bond

Capture his heart. Steal his crown. Hunt the shadow. Guard the flame.

More Info & Review » House of EclipsesHouse of Wolves

Consort of Darkness NYX novel Molly Tullis

Consort of Darkness by Molly Tullis

Title » Consort of Darkness

Series » Asphodel #1

Author » Molly Tullis

Before the age of gods and men, the most ancient of the immortals, Nyx, pulled herself into creation. 

Publication Date » March 2022

More Info & Review » More Info & Review

Finnish Mythology Books

River of Shadows by Karina Halle

Title » River of Shadows

Series » Underworld Gods #1

Author » Karina Halle

Publication Date » January 2022

An adult dark fantasy romance based on Finnish mythology and the underworld of Tuonela.

More Info & Review » More Info & Review

Casey L Bond books kindle unlimited

Valor by Casey L Bond

Title » Valor

Author » Casey L Bond

Publication Date » February 2022

Dragon. Warrior. Woman.

More Info & Review » More Info & Review

april kindle 2022 books

I am currently still reading Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter. I feel like I have been reading it for forever. I started reading it at the end of March & it’s just so dry. I don’t want to DNF it, especially because I am halfway through reading it. I never DNF books that late, but it is part of a series… so ehhh.

I have started reading Star Wars : Thrawn Ascendancy #2 – Greater Good by Timothy Zahn. & Discord of Gods – the final installment of the Chorus of Dragons Series by Jenn Lyons.

What did you read in April? Anything good? Let me know in the comments!

That’s all for today friends ! Happy Reading.

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