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Myths of Airren by Jenny Hickman

Myths Airren Jenny Hickman

Happy May Book Fiends !

Today’s post is about author Jenny Hickman’s Myths of Airren series. An interconnected series set on the mythical & magical island of Airren. The island is plagued by magic and monsters, injustices and prejudices. Worst of all, it is a world run by men. This NA dark fantasy romance is stunning. I loved every minute of reading the first two books. I cannot wait to read their companion novels or the third currently announced book.

A Cursed Kiss Jenny Hickman

A Cursed Kiss

After Keelynn witnesses her sister’s murder at the hands of the legendary Gancanagh, an immortal creature who seduces women and kills them with a cursed kiss, she realizes there’s nothing she wouldn’t do to get her back. With the help of a vengeful witch, she’s given everything she needs to resurrect the person she loves most.

But first, she must slay the Gancanagh.

Tadhg, a devilishly handsome half-fae who has no patience for high society—or propriety—would rather spend his time in the company of loose women and dark creatures than help a human kill one of his own.

That is until Keelynn makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

Together, they embark on a cross-country curse-breaking mission that promises life but ends in death.

A Cursed Heart Jenny Hickman

A Cursed Heart

Aveen is the perfect lady, placid and well-mannered, concealing her discontentment beneath false smiles and gentle nods. As the eldest, her duty has always been to her family legacy and her sister’s happiness. But when she finds herself forced into betrothal to a man she loathes, she swears she’ll do anything to escape. Even if it means bargaining with a wicked fae prince.

Rían is a devious half-fae with a dark secret, concealing his true nature beneath glamours and lies. When a fascinating human accidentally catches his eye, it’s clear he’ll do anything to take her for himself. Including making promises he can’t-or won’t-keep.

Confronting hidden dangers and haunting pasts, the two reluctantly come to rely on each other to survive a world where nothing is what it seems and darkness encroaches from all sides.

Will their tangled web of lies bring freedom they crave . . . or will it unravel them both?

While personally, I prefer Aveen’s story [ A Cursed Heart ] over Keelynn’s [ A Cursed Kiss ], that is simply because I like Aveen more. Both books and sisters are so lovely & the half-fae princes they fall in love with are just delicious. I generally refer to these kinds of books as fluffy or floofy. And they were the perfect amount of floof I needed.


A Cursed KissA Cursed Heart

Myths of Airren upcoming Books

Upcoming Books

Currently, there are two companion novels & and a third book listed on the Myths of Airren Goodreads page. The companion novel to A Cursed Kiss, Keelynn & Tadhg’s story, is titled Prince of Seduction and will be released in July of this summer.

Synopsis :

Long ago, Tadhg O’Clereigh learned that the answer to surviving his curses lay at the bottom of a bottle. At least until he meets Lady Keelynn Bannon, a high-born human in possession of an enchanted emerald ring that could set him free.

He’ll do anything to get that ring—including agree to escort Keelynn on her fool-hearted quest for vengeance.

As their perilous cross-country journey brings them closer, Tadhg realizes that, as much as he needs the ring, he wants the woman who wears it more.

As far as I am aware, there has not been a cover reveal yet. The second companion novel, Prince of Deception, will go with Aveen & Rian’s story, A Cursed Heart. The only release information currently available for Prince of Deception is sometime in 2023. Hickman also has A Cursed Love planned for 2023.

Happy Reading Friends! Let me know in the comments if you have read this series yet or plan on adding it to your TBR pile.

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