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Vicious Lost Boys – 20 Thoughts. …

Hello, my bookish fiends. I hope May has been treating you all well. It is a long weekend here in Canada & it’s mostly been gorgeous out. Which is odd for Cape Breton. The weather is not something you can rely on here. Every day new buds on the trees in my yard start to bloom. In another few weeks, my backyard sanctuary will be back. I still have a lot of clean-up to do out there, but it literally rains here almost every single day or night.

Vicious Lost Boys Series

Anyway, that is not what you are here for now, is it? You are here because I read The Never King & The Dark One by Nikki St. Crowe over the weekend. The first two books in the Vicious Lost Boys series. I don’t normally read what I consider to be straight-up smut. It’s never been my thing. I need some substance. When 50 Shades hit the shelves years ago, I read them simply because everyone and their dog was reading them at the time. I was a hairstylist in the early two thousand [ 2004 – 2012 ] and keeping up with trends was part of my job. It’s how I ended up reading The Twilight Saga as well.

The Never King started to pop up on my bookstagram account & since I LOVE me some Peter Pan [ Hook, I love Hook ] I thought, fuck it let’s give it a whirl and see what the hype is all about. The covers give me season one American Horror Story vibes, very Tate Langdon.

Without further ado allow me to present Vicious Lost Boys by Nikki St. Crowe.

The Never King Nikki St. Crowe

The Never King

Vicious Lost Boys Series - The Never King Book One Nikki St. Crowe

The stories were all wrong — Hook was never the villain.

For two centuries, all of the Darling women have disappeared on their 18th birthday. Sometimes they’re gone for only a day, some a week or a month. But they always return broken.

Now, on the afternoon of my 18th birthday, my mother is running around the house making sure all the windows are barred and the doors locked.

But it’s pointless.

Because when night falls, he comes for me. And this time, the Never King and the Lost Boys aren’t willing to let me go.

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The Dark One Nikki St Crowe

The Dark One

Vicious Lost Boys Series - The Dark One Book Two Nikki St. Crowe

It wasn’t until Pan and Neverland that I finally felt alive.

But things are not all full of magic and sunlight on the island. There’s something darker and more sinister haunting the forest.

And worse, the fae queen and Captain Hook are ready to fight for control of Neverland and they will stop at nothing to get what they want. Including using the one thing Pan never thought he wanted or needed — me. I’m a descendant of the Darling family and now I belong to him and the Lost Boys.

War is brewing — can the Never King get his shadow back and assume his rightful throne? And if he does, where will I fit?

Or will all of Neverland be in jeopardy right along with my dark, twisted heart?

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Trigger Warnings Never King

How does one go about reviewing smut? – was not a question I could answer, so I decided a Thoughts I had while reading post would be sufficient. But first, the trigger warnings.

From Goodreads:

The Never King is a dark retelling of Peter and Wendy. If you like your enemies to lovers romance with hot, ruthless, morally gray love interests, you’ll enjoy The Never King and the Lost Boys. You can expect hate kissing, fighting, bickering, and ‘touch her and I’ll unalive you’ vibes.

The Dark One is book two in the Vicious Lost Boys series. It is a dark reimagining of Peter and Wendy. If you like your enemies to lovers romance with hot, ruthless, morally gray love interests, you’ll enjoy The Dark One and the Lost Boys. You can expect hate kissing, fighting, bickering, and ‘touch her and I’ll unalive you’ vibes.

From Nikki St. Crowe’s website:

The dark one trigger warnings

Mental illness, smoking, graphic/rough sex, sex in public, group sex, DubCon, graphic violence, graphic language, captive/captivity, degradation, submission, bondage/ropes, blood play, choking, CNC

The Never King review

The Never King

  1. All the Darling women disappeared on their 18th birthday & return insane. Interesting.
  2. & something is wrong with Pan. I smell a mystery…
  3. Don’t fuck the Darlings. The fuck they taking them for if not to fuck them.
  4. The Lost Boys seem nice enough. Like teddy bears.
  5. I like Winnie’s attitude.
  6. Something was stolen.. something like a shadow?
  7. Oh, no wonder they go crazy after their trip to Neverland having someone dig into their memories. Did a Darling take something? Or just knows where and who? I love me a mystery. Have they tried asking nicely?
  8. Pan a vampire? no.. that’s just not right. That better not be right.
  9. Ah, so a Darling & Tink did something… I never did like Tinkerbell.
  10. For a group of people who drove her mother insane, they seem awfully concerned about Winnie’s health.
  11. Sometimes I wish characters didn’t beat around the bush so much.
  12. “And there’s no greater power than tits and brains, baby girl” – Starla
  13. So Neverland is dieing. & These Lost Boys are easy to manipulate.
  14. Also, this is a reverse harem. One Lost Boy down, three to go.
  15. “It’s best you know what your assets are.”
  16. “Pan caught us and told me to keep fucking her. Honestly, I think the Darling liked it.” -Bash
  17. Well well well, Tink was killed by Pan [ YAY ] – but she is also the mother of Kas & Bash. Interesting.
  18. “Go on then, come for me while the Lost Boys watch.” Two down.
  19. “Take it all, Darling. Be a good girl.” Three down.
  20. Mystery solved. Shadow obtained.

The dark one review

The Dark One

  1. Jesus fuck, can this man not keep his hands on his damn shadow?
  2. “We are four very hungry men. Do you really think you’re capable of keeping up with our appetites?” – Pan
  3. Winnie does not like to share her toys.
  4. Well hello BDSM.
  5. Poor Vane what is his deal, just the dark shadow?
  6. So Wendy is not dead? & Vane has a brother…
  7. Are Cherry and I the only ones who love Hook?
  8. Oh, no wonder Cherry loves Hook. What’s she doing with the Lost Boys though?
  9. Smee is a lady. & apparently more useful than Cherry.
  10. Kinda feel bad for Bash & Kas. Tilly is a cunt.
  11. The Crocodile has got to be Vane’s brother. Did he love Wendy? but Wendy loved Pan? Who loves who damnit. Tink loved Pan. Pan loved Wendy. Is Wendy even the first Darling, or did I just assume she was?
  12. There is definitely more plot in this book than in book one. The sex scenes are way hotter. What with the safewords & all.
  13. The Crocodile is Vane’s brother. I love it when I’m right. & he did love Wendy [ Winnie’s great-great-grandmother & not the OG shadow taker ]
  14. All four Lost Boys have been claimed.
  15. & now I am picturing Three Men & a Baby. I loved those movies. I feel for Winnie.
  16. That’s right Cherry, take the shadow for yourself. Make ’em pay.
  17. “Send Darling between our houses like a child of divorced parents?” – Bash. My thinking exactly bud.
  18. Clearly Cherry hasn’t taken the shadow for herself. That’s dumb of her.
  19. What kind of Darling are the Lost Boys and Pan coming home to?
  20. Ah, a Vicious black-eyed Darling.

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vicious lost boys series

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