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Glow by Raven Kennedy

Glow by Raven Kennedy [Plated Prisoner Four]

Glow Synopsis

Glow by Raven Kennedy

“I was nothing but a road to Midas. A means to get to where he wanted to go, and I paved that path in gold.”

My life has been made up of gilded lies. But death has been shaped from rot.

Like a phoenix caught fire, I will need to rise from the ashes and learn to wield my own power. Because my wings may have been clipped, but I am not in a cage, and I’m finally free to fly from the frozen kingdoms I’ve been kept in.

Yet the world doesn’t want to let me.

That’s the thing when you turn against a king—everyone else turns against you.

Good thing I have a different king in my corner.

But even with the dark threat of Slade Ravinger, the other monarchs are coming for me.

So I will fight for him and he will kill for me, and if we need to become the villains, then so be it.

Because so long as I live in this world, I won’t be used again.

Kindle Edition 704 Pages ♥ Published June 2022 ♥ Raven Kennedy

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Thoughts I had while reading..

(Fifty-Five) Thoughts I had while reading Glow by Raven Kennedy.

I wonder how much I have forgotten, like always I should have done a reskim. I can’t be the only one who wishes authors did a little like recap prologue type chapter? A few bullet points reminding the reader what happened. Randomly you will notice I mark the percentage read, I do this more for myself while coming up with theories about what is going to happen.

Spoilers sweetie, if you don’t want them, skip on down to my Final Thoughts.

  1. I thought Queen Kaila was Queen Malina at first. Big confusion ensued, couldn’t have made those names just a little bit different. 
  2. I forget the whole Numbered Kingdom thing. Curious that the Kingdoms are just numbered and not named. Midas & Malina were Sixth? Kalia is Fifth? And what, Rot is .. the rest? I’m getting too old for this shit..
  3. Okay no, Kalia is Third and after she takes care of Mist and the bastard babe, she’s just going to take Sixth? Queen Malina isn’t going to like that. 
  4. Oh so Fifth is up for grabs. I vaguely remember shit going down there now. I was Big Confused there again for a bit. 
  5. Mmm Rip. I forgot he stopped Auren with his rot, no wonder he’s going bananas. 
  6. What in the Divine fuck type of mutant powers is Auren going to end up with here? 
  7. Ohh baby Rip. His dad is beyond a fucking piece of shit. 
  8. Does baby Rip kill his asshole of a Father when his powers come in? Oh baby, kill them all. Except Mama Rip and Ryatt. Obviously. 
  9. Ok so he’s not going to rot his fathers guests, shame. 
  10. This is a lot of Rip. I’m not complaining, I just don’t remember this much from his POV from the previous books. 
  11. Oh Slade. 
  12. Boy Auren is a sleepy meatball head. Also, if this rot inside of her is just a fucking baby and not mutant powers I’m gonna be pissed. Actually, I don’t even remember if Rip and Auren got it on yet or not. 
  13. Finally a new POV, I don’t know how much more of Rip’s wallowing I can take. It’s boring af. 
  14. Osrik and Rissa are going to end up a thing. His little Yellow Bell. I actually like Rissa. I mean she’s a fucking psycho but she has her reasons. 
  15. I agree with Ryatt, I too am sick of Rip’s shit. Apparently, it’s only been four days. Which is simultaneously longer than I thought, and shorter than the lifetime it feels like. 
  16. Oh Kalia dear, I suspect that favorable light shining on you is about to fade. Where the fuck is Queen Malina anyway? Clearly, these people think she’s dead, but I don’t remember her being dead. 
  17. Well at least Auren is awake. Maybe the pace will pick up now. Not much has happened yet to move this plot along. 
  18. I love Rot’s Wrath. Their collective banter throughout the series is one of my favorite aspects.
  19.  “Did he just say I peed myself?” I died. 
  20. Auren’s magic does seem to be acting oddly. I wonder if her ribbons are going to be gone forever or if they will, sprout back? Ribbons 2.0
  21. Oh POV from Rissa. I forgot about the whole drugging thing. 
  22. Auren is going to explode in some magic rage soon if she doesn’t start talking. (30%)
  23. There’s Malina. The poor Cold Queen. I want to feel for her. She was manipulated by Midas too but she’s such a bitch.
  24. Oh Ryatt. 
  25. I know I’m slightly less than halfway through yet, but is there any plot to this story at all? Don’t get me wrong, it’s written beautifully and is captivating but absolutely nothing has happened. 
  26. I remember how I loathed the weakness of Auren in Gild. How it slowly began to slip away in Glint and then in Gleam. I’m glad she has the perspective now, that she isn’t holding it against Rip. 
  27. Fly free Goldfinch. 
  28. Poor Auren. Midas is the biggest fucking douche canoe around. 
  29. Man I’m fucking dumb. Seventh Kingdom must be where that bridge was. 
  30. Trust the map Malina. 
  31. Well hello new people. You seem fun, can’t wait to see what you are all about.
  32. All this secrecy around Dollard had me thinking a relative must be there. I figured there was no way it was The Breaker or the Uncle. I thought there was just Slade and Ryatt, But there must be a sister or the mother is still alive.(48%)
  33. There’s no way he’s hiding a wife, Gildy.
  34. I didn’t really contemplate how Slade came to be called Rip, but that wasn’t it. 
  35. So, is Ryatt just a half-brother? I thought Slade was just going to murder daddy dearest not rip an actual hole in the world. Sweet baby unicorns. 
  36. Well shit. I mean I was wondering how he got to Orea if there was no bridge from Annwyn.
  37. Right, still no idea how or who smuggled Auren into Orea. 
  38. Alright, we are getting somewhere now. It’s a shame Auren spent her entire life afraid of her powers. I get it, she murdered an entire village as a child, it’s traumatizing. 
  39. I’m no surprised no one bothered to ask Ryatt what he wanted out of life. That Fake Rip life can’t be much fun. 
  40. Fuck me, I forgot we weren’t actually in Rot’s Kingdom. This whole book is like a pit stop in the plot. 
  41. Something about our new friends The Twins seems off. Like Malina just made a deal with the devil. 
  42. Aw the sun is singing to Auren. 
  43. The Kingdom and Manu may well be able to wait another day, but I’m growing impatient for something other than Auren’s character development. 
  44. I like Rip’s Premieres. Actually I like basically all the side characters. 
  45. I mean at least Slade isn’t blinded by Gildy. 
  46. Rotten gold!
  47. Auren dear, Rissa and Polly are not the only two who are completely different. 
  48. Well, I was expecting Auren to run off to the Conflux willingly, not get scooped up in the garden. 
  49. Kinda upset about Rissa. 
  50. Oh sweet merciful unicorns. 
  51. Second Kingdom is not very fun at all. (90%)
  52. Glow is clearly ending on a cliff. 
  53. In a cage again, that won’t bode over well when Auren finally snaps. I definitely feel like her ribbons are going to make a comeback. 
  54. Woah nelly. 
  55. Well fuck me, I guess we are headed back to Annwyn.

Final Thoughts On Glow

Honestly, I think I just wish the plot was quicker and juicer. I kept asking myself when something of interest was going to happen. The first two-thirds of Glow is essentially all character development. Nothing happens. We learn a bit about Rip’s past, and Auren deals with the aftermath of Ranhold. But otherwise, nada. There’s a handful of spicy scenes mixed in but If you are looking for action, you will not find it in Glow.

Did Glow need to be as long as it is? Probably not. Personally, I could have done with shorter chapters from Slade and Auren and more chapters from Queen Kalina’s POV. My issue with Glow is simply that the plot seems to just be hanging out in the background. Sacrificed for some much-needed character growth, when it could have been woven into the story more via Queen Kalina.

Gleam remains my favorite of the series thus far.

Quotes from Glow

King Midas is now nothing but a corpse in a gold tomb.

Where I go, my Wrath follows.

Stalactites of frost hang from his foamy muzzle like extra fangs, but he doesn’t stop roaring, doesn’t stop racing.

“Because, Yellow Bell, you might be poisonous, but you’re not immune. There’s something here.”

When my tongue slips against hers, she moans, this time not in pain or aggravation, but pure, hedonic thrill.

I’ve always been treated like treasure, but with Slade, I’m simply treasured.

As if his own vengeful beast is ready to rise up and roar alongside mine.

“No longer live the king.”

“Oh Goldfinch, I’d follow you to the end of the world and tip right off the edge, all because of a crook of your finger.”

“Do you really want to talk of sacrifices, brother? Because I’ve given up my whole identity to serve yours.”

I meet his eyes so that he can see the truth in mine. “I had to be the one to save myself.”

My Divine-damned mind was warped into the mold of someone else’s purpose.

“No, Goldfinch,” he interrupts. “I’m good to you. But I am every bit the villain that I warned you I was.”

I will be a monster, if it means I can destroy one.

“We will be the villains for each other.”

I’m really tired of monarchs using me for their own narratives, when all I’ve ever wanted was to be left the fuck alone.


Gleam ★★★★✩

Glint ★★★✩✩

Gild ★★✩✩✩

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