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The Cult by Penelope Sky

The Cult by Penelope Sky

The Cult Synopsis

The Cult by Penelope Sky

Fender and Magnus have moved on from the camp. But someone else has moved in.

The Cult.

I see his wicked smile in the theatre. I see it in the apartment across from mine.

I see it everywhere.

Before I can run, I’m taken.

And when I wake up…I’m in the middle of nowhere.

The man who’s taken me claims to be a demon.

And claims I’m his angel.

What happens when he finds out I don’t have wings?

I’m not the only prisoner in this forest. There’s a little girl too. Her name is Claire. She’s beautiful, happy, wonderful. It’s my responsibility to protect her–and I will give my life to accomplish that.

She says her father will save us both.

She says he’s powerful, formidable, that he’ll burn this entire forest to get to her.

I hope she’s right.

420 Pages ♥ Published September 2021 ♥ Hartwick Publishing

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Thoughts I had while reading..

(Forty-Five) Thoughts I had while reading The Cult by Penelope Sky.

The Cult by Penelope Sky is an insanely dark and twisted tale about a Cult of angel worshipers kidnapping women from the streets of Paris. Honestly, I’m not sure The Cult was intended to be quite as hilarious as I found it to be. That’s me though, I bust a gut watching Horror movies, and barely crack a smile watching Comedies.

Spoilers sweetie, if you don’t want them, skip on down to my Final Thoughts.

  1. Missing : One kid named Claire. & a woman, probably her mother, Beatrice. 
  2. The word maniacal isn’t used nearly enough
  3. I’m assuming the man with the maniacal smile is the demon I just learned about when I finally read the synopsis. 
  4. There’s no fucking around with the pace of this plot. Not page upon page of this ballet dancer wallowing in her fear and anxiety. Sweet. 
  5. So far kinda creepy. I dig. Also apparently we are in Paris. 
  6. Really, you can see his molars? 
  7. I keep trying to smile maniacally while showing my molars. 
  8. Constance is wound right the fuck up. 
  9. A bunch of men in cattle skulls is a tad bit disturbing. 
  10. A second POV. I do enjoy multi-pov when it’s done right and doesn’t distract from the story. 
  11. Why does Bleu think The Chasseurs have something to do with Benton’s missing daughter and baby mama?
  12. Not an army then, a weird ass criminal organization. 
  13. Is Bartholomew who took Constance? I mean, the guy is sitting on a throne of skulls.  He definitely seems the type to wear a cattle skull. 
  14. What in the gods forsaken kinda hobbit bible thumping hut did Constance wake up in here?
  15. Oh they are all angels now. 
  16. Total nut job indeed.
  17. Three angels, who I’m assuming must have been reborn into two women and a child left heaven willingly? I mean, I guess the kid left after the two women? Suddenly I feel like I’m in an episode of Supernatural. 
  18. Not Bartholomew then. Our kidnapping cattle skull-wearing cult-leading demon’s name is Forneus which reminds me of Fergus.. from Supernatural.
  19. The creepy vibes. I love it. (15%)
  20. Why the fuck does he have to talk like a damned snake?
  21. This Cult is full of delusional lunatics. I love it. 
  22. A drug dealing Cult. Interesting. 
  23. I can’t decide if this Cult is for real-real, or for fake-real.
  24. First the wings, now the fucking harp. 
  25. Multiple angels and a graveyard full of dead ones. Nice.
  26. Does Bartholomew know Forneus is a demon? Does Benton? Is Forneus even a damned demon? Are there even people behind those cattle heads? 
  27. I’ll give Constance one thing, she’s got a lot of hope for someone thrown into the role of personal confession taker to a demon. 
  28. Holy shit balls are we going on a weird LSD trip with a serial killing demon? (34%)
  29. Constance thinks she’s just gonna build a fucking boat now. 
  30. Did Constance just marry a demon?
  31. Forneus is a creep. 
  32. Well whatever the Malevolent are under the cattle skull, it bleeds. 
  33. So poor Beatrice ended up with one of them bad demons. Clearly, Forneus is just the creepy variant. (47%)
  34. This book is actually hilarious and I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be as funny as I find it or not..
  35. I feel like Forneus looks like some jacked-up god-like man but with The Joker’s smile. 
  36. Who owns The Divine Claire? 
  37. Weirdo demon can’t get high without his angel on their honeymoon. 
  38. Amon’s little wing check is fucked up. Good thing Forneus believes Constance is an angel. 
  39. That escape seemed a bit too easy quite frankly. Sure Constance was allowed to go, technically. But I don’t see this going well long term. 
  40. Bit rude there Benton. Both your daughter and baby mama would be dead as a doorknob if it wasn’t for Constance. 
  41. Yea, we wanna speak to the gd manager. 
  42. But Benton, Claire is The Divine. I’m not so sure the crazy LSD-taking cult is going to just give that up. 
  43. Everything seems far too peaceful and I have a feeling this book is going to end on a cliff. 
  44. Honest to fuck Claire is the most adorable kid character I think I’ve ever read. 
  45. Meh, the ending was kinda lame. Actually compared to the rest of the book, extremely lame.

Final Thoughts on The Cult

I was really digging The Cult right up until the lackluster ending. I had devoured the first two-thirds or so, the pace was quick and creepy and had me flipping pages like a mad woman. The moment we left The Forest though, everything changed. I was waiting for one final twist, convinced there had to be one. But it never really came. Don’t get me wrong, The Cult wasn’t tied up with a nice little happy bow at the end. Sky definitely set the stage for book two, The Catacombs. I’m just not excited to read it. I mean, I will. I’m just not as excited to read it as I was before the ending to The Cult.

Quotes from The Cult

With hooded eyes and an exhausted soul, I sat there with emptiness inside my chest, scotch my only true company, even if I wasn’t alone.

I launched myself out of the armchair and walked to the fire, staring at the flames that were identical to the ones that burned in my soul. My heart, body, and soul had descended to the pits of hell. My skin had been seared and all that was left of me were my brittle bones.

There was a bad energy that absorbed into my skin, made me feel the terror all the way up to my throat.

His look was deep, like his eyes were a dry sponge and I was a basin full of water.

It was like a hummingbird trapped in my chest, working hard to fly out of my body and to the sky.

His smile was demonic and his soul was evil…but he was human.

I felt like a priest in a confessional-but his sins would never be absolved.

There was no god here. This was a fucking cult.

It was wide and stretched, like he used every muscle in his face and neck to pull his lips back, showing every single white tooth that looked as clean as fresh bones.

It was a blood lust that couldn’t be tamed, and my hand ached to grab the dagger in my pocket and shove the blade in his throat, up through his face, and into his skull.

The world was so quiet that I could hear the hum of silence. The air was cold and wet, like a fog would thicken over the next few days, so it amplified the sound of nothingness around us.

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