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My name is Melyssa & I was born in 1983

I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, born and raised in Cape Breton; I lived on the mainland for years.

I miss the west coast; I lived in Alberta for five years before moving back to Cape Breton.

Aphantasia is the inability to visualize mental images.

I cannot conjure up images, scenes, faces etc., in my mind.

I swear like a sailor while doing yoga & smoke weed all day long

I was that kid getting in trouble for reading while I should have been doing school work.

Thrillers & Mysteries are my favourite genre

I have a newfound love for epic fantasies.

I have four guinea pigs; Zelda & Peach are named after Legend of Zelda & Mario Bros, while Nyssa & Talia are named after comic characters in the DC Universe.

My cat Pugsley is my best friend & love of my life.

I have a personality disorder called Borderline Personality Disorder.

I also suffer from depression, anxiety, paranoia, imposter syndrome & a few other spicy mental issues.

I am a licensed Hair Stylist & Power Engineer

I am a vegetarian.

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