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The Navarre Chronicles Book One Review Awakening Shadows by Author Sydney Hawthorn

Awakening Shadows Sydney Hawthorn

Awakening Shadows ★ The Navarre Chronicles Book One

The Navarre Chronicles Book One
Awakening Shadows by Sydney Hawthorn

Book Cover, Synopsis & Release Information
Kindle Edition 283 pages
Published September 2020
Lilac Daggers Press LLC

Awakening Shadows Synopsis About the book by Sydney Hawthorn

★ Synopsis ★

A Princess. A Warrior. A Slave. A kingdom falling to ruin. And a Queen meant to save them all.

Navarre has been at peace for three hundred years, the prophecies of the promised princess no more than a whispered memory of the past. Sheltered from the world around her, naïve Princess Joseline is no stranger to the responsibility and isolation of being heir. But when an attack on her eighteenth birthday reveals the looming return of the legendary demon king, shattering every protective boundary around her, Joseline is thrown full force into the long-forgotten prophecy and the role she plays in his demise.

Saved from Aeron’s clutches by a secret organization of warriors trained to protect her, Joseline is forced to choose between her curiosity to understand their motives and her duty to her people’s safety. Swept into the impending war threatening her country, Joseline must learn at all costs not only to fight, but to control the ancient magical power awakening within her.

Her life and the lives of her people depend on it.

Review Book One The Navarre Chronicles Awakening Shadows

★ Review ★

minor spoilers

Awakening Shadows takes place in the mythical land of Navarre. The inhabitants have long since forgotten their tragic past with the Demon King, Aeron. They believe it to be nothing more than a story now. A story told to frighten children. It’s only a matter of time before The Shadow Beasts have their Master back.

If Awakening Shadows is any indication, The Navarre Chronicles should be outstanding.

Awakening Shadows is told from various characters’ perspectives; seriously, I think there were like a dozen. One of them is a fox. A fox people, a fox! Who doesn’t want a talking fox in their fantasies? Did I mention she has gorgeous white fur & a Faerie friend? Except, we don’t get to hear much from the Faerie, not yet anyway.

Instead of being messy and distracting though, it gives us a well-rounded look into what Hawthorn’s characters are going through on their journey. Hawthorn seamlessly moves the plot along, flowing from one character to the next and back again. We get to witness firsthand the growth the characters go through. Not just through their words or actions, but from their peers as well.

I found myself attached to Hawthorn’s characters and concerned for them. For me, that isn’t an easy feat, but Hawthorn had me hanging onto every word. I’ll admit there were a few spots where the writing seemed to get a bit muddled. Or I was so excited, I read too fast & had to go back to read a few paragraphs. You pick. Either way, it didn’t bother me.

Epic Fantasy in the making

There is a much bigger story going on than what takes place in Awakening Shadows.

I’m honestly here for it. It’s an intricate tale, small gears slowly turning away moving a much larger one along. Hawthorn seems to be taking her time setting up the chessboard, focusing on the growth of her characters. In the end, I believe the whole story will more powerful because of it.

One of my favourite elements of Hawthorn’s story is Princess Joseline, one of the main protagonists, knowing she is weak. Girl knows she can not protect her people from the Demon King, Aeron. Joseline knows that she needs to be stronger for her people. Physically & Mentally. Every single day the poor girl gets up and trains. She’s not training to develop her powers either. Joseline barely knows she has powers awakening inside of her, she trains her body & mind.

In the end, will her powers be a major player in the story? Probably. It’s just nice to see the girl go through some 200 pages of training and meditating. Not 200 some pages of someone else paving the way for little old pitiful Joseline to sweep in & save the day by doing something ridiculous like point a finger.

Awakening Shadows Rating

My biggest issue with the chosen one trope has always been that the chosen one literally always fucking sucks fucking monkey dick & yet, they save the day? Seriously? Come on. Even as a child I didn’t buy it & I feel like Hawthorn didn’t either.

Not to put pressure on Hawthorn, but I’ve got some high expectations for Whispering Shadows.


★ Quotes ★

Dark shadows swirled at the black cloaked figures’ feet, swallowing the sunshine in their path.

Her laugh was like the sound of a Faerie’s wings.

Dark hair fell past their shoulders, white teeth flashing behind black lips.

… every time she so much as closed her eyes, the inky tendrils reaching for her through the security of he castle walls.

About Whispering Shadows The Navarre Chronicles Book two Synopsis

Whispering Shadows ★ The Navarre Chronicles Book Two

June 20th 2021 Lilac Daggers Press LLC

Whispering Shadows The Navarre Chronicles Book 2 Synopsis & Cover Art by Author Sydney Hawthorn

A Runaway. A Lost Prince. A Survivor. A demon king whispering in shadows. And a Queen fighting to fit her crown.

In the months since her birthday, Joseline and the Kynire cadre are well on their way to Raenya, her power and patience—both with herself and her growing magical abilities—increasing more each day. Forgotten allies surface in the most unpredictable ways, and secrets kept for years under the façade of protection unfold truths about Quinn’s past that could strengthen their chances of surviving the looming war. And put an even greater target on their backs. But Joseline and Quinn refuse to weaken, pushing onward despite the odds.

After escaping Narcio Island, Evalyn’s newfound freedom warrants an even greater threat—a chance meeting with Erza Stormwood, heir apparent to one of the violent and forgotten witch covens in the North. But as their bond grows, Eva realizes even the ancient witches are struggling against the darkness. Evalyn is the last person Erza expects to form a friendship with, the last person she needs to be worrying about. Yet their alliance might just be another piece in the shadowed puzzle.

Still, Aeron’s return threatens the horizon. And when the demon king threatens one of the very reasons for her persistence, Joseline’s looming hesitations are shattered. But hope remains. And with it, the will to overcome even the greatest fears of losing what Joseline loves most. 

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