Review ★ Daughter of the Deep – Children of Lyr book One ★ Lina C amarego

Book review – Children of Lyr Series Lina C Amarego Daughter of the Deep Sister of the Stars

Daughter of the Deep Book One Lina C Amarego
A wedding to end a war.

It’s been four years since the blood feud between the Branwens and Mathonwys started. Four years of sunken ships and loved ones lost, four years of wounds both seen and unseen. Keira Branwen is no stranger to duty. As the first mate of a legendary pirate ship, blessed by the sea-god Lyr, and heir apparent to her clan, she would sail to the Otherworld and back to keep her family safe.

Daughter of the Deep is a beautiful story about love and vengeance. Forgiving those who hurt us and finding ourselves in the process. Told from the first person perspective of our half-wild pirate with a vendetta, Keira Branwen -a lost Captain who finds her crew & finds her home.

For four years the Mathonwys and the Branwens have been fighting and killing each other in the name of vengeance for Keira’s father. The council of Porthladd have presented both families with the ultimatum of marriage or banishment. And so our story begins on Keira’s wedding day.

I absolutely adored everything about this book. Well, maybe not all the pirate talk aye. Otherwise, this book was a delight to read. Not only were some of the descriptions captivatingly beautiful – without being too long and drawn out. The characters are well developed. I felt connected to Keira. She is a beautifully written heroine. Fierce, strong, brave, stubborn & flawed. Every thought and feeling she had – I had. Keira’s triumphs were mine & her struggles were mine to share as well.

There is an underlying mystery to this story – & I love a good mystery ! Prior to the events of Daughter of the Deep, Keira’s father had been murdered. Murdered by who you ask? Well by none other then his soon to be son-in-law of course. Or maybe it’s pirate-in-law? Yes that’s right, we have a good old fashioned enemies to lovers trope going on. But not everything is as Keira believes & I found my first ever book boyfriend in Ronan Mathonwy.

Our once childhood friends work to unravel the mystery of who really killed Keira’s father & how a Captain loved by so many, found himself at the sharp end of a dagger. The sea God himself makes an appearance or two, helping to guide our beloved Keira along the way. I mean you can’t have pirates without the sea God himself, and where there is one God, there are more lurking in the shadows.

Book Two – Sister of the Stars is scheduled for release on April 17, 2021

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