Comic Book Review The Three Jokers Vol 1-3 Geoff Johns Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson

First of all, let me just say that The Killing Joke is a piece of art. It is absolutely amazing & if you haven’t read it – you really should. However, I suggest you avoid the animated movie DC released in 2016. But that’s not what we are here to discuss today. Today we are talking about The Three Jokers – yes that’s right, there are three! What an awesome concept to explore right? Wrong. Based off an idea from 2015 Justice League: The Darkseid War – where Batman sat in the Mobius chair & asks what the Jokers real name is. The chair told him there were three…

Batman, along with BatGirl & The Red Hood are investigating crimes around Gotham. All seemingly committed by The Joker, or Jokers rather. In Geoff Johns tale the Joker who has been tormenting Batman is not the same Joker that shot & paralyzed our dear Barbara in the Killing Joke. Nor is it the same Joker who beat Jason Todd with a crowbar in Death in the Family.

The Criminal. The Clown. The Comedian.

I generally liked the idea of our OG Joker running around Gotham making other versions of himself. Definitely something he would do to torment his oldest buddy Bats. These other versions being the ones behind the events in The Killing Joke & Death in the Family – I was not a fan of, and refuse to file away in my own personal canon. I appreciated the storyline & what Geoff Johns was doing. Having the two BatFam members most traumatized by the Joker team up with Bats to get to the bottom of what’s going on in Gotham was lovely to see. I just didn’t particularly care for why or what was actually going on in Gotham, especially when I finished reading Vol. 3

To me this was advertised as a continuation of The Killing Joke. But was Geoff Johns plan to ruin The Killing Joke? Because it seems that is what he tried to do. Turns out our beloved Batman has known all along exactly who The Joker is. I can get behind this bit of information after all Batman is the GREATEST Detective of all time. I even understand why Batman asked the Mobius Chair about the true identity of The Joker. Just about everything else within the pages I can not get behind.

But let’s talk about the things I loved – the absolutely stunning artwork. The illustrations in this comic are gorgeous. Below are two of my favorite panels, both are from Vol 1.

Holy flying monkeys batman – am I right?

Jason Fabok is an amazing artist who brought Geoff Johns vision of our Clown Prince to life within these panels. Honestly, if for no other reason – you need to check this comic out.

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