Review ★ Sister of the Stars Children of Lyr Book 2 ★ Lina C Amarego

Book Review – Sister of the Stars Book 2 Children of Lyr by Lina C Amarego – Daughter of the Deep Book 1

Sister of the Stars Book 2 Children of Lyr Lina C Amarego
A cure to end a curse.
Not even fate can outrun death.


A cure to end a curse.

It’s been two months since Captain Keira Mathonwy learned the god of death’s price the hard way. Two months since she saved her husband Ronan from a horrific death, only to ensure her own slow demise. Abandoned by the sea, banished from the only home she’s ever known, and marked by the Dark God, Keira is desperate for a cure. To make matters worse, storms are brewing across the Deyrnas. Famine, plague, and whispers of war spread like wildfire, the growing unrest visible everywhere. Her Captain’s coat weighing heavy on her shoulders, Keira must swim against the current to keep her crew afloat.

Yet not all is lost. Even amidst the darkest night, there are stars on the horizon. A slave that whispers to the wind. A forgotten sisterhood forged from salt and steel. An unlikely ally hidden in fox fur. To save their world—and themselves—the crew must journey to the ends of the earth for answers, and dive deep within their hearts for the courage to do what is right. No matter what it costs.

Not even fate can outrun death.


What a book! The second book in a series often doesn’t seem to do as well as the first. Or maybe that’s just a myth because it is not the case with Sister of the StarsLina C. Amarego blew Daughter of the Deep out of the water with the second installment of the Children of Lyr series.

In book one, Daughter of the Deep, Keira and Ronan were concerned mainly with their own families and finding out the truth behind the murder of Keira’s father. That truth was just a tiny part of a larger story and uncovering it left us more questions than answers. Besides one’s own blood and Lyr himself, there was something more significant and darker lurking in the shadows of Porthladd.

Sister of the Stars picks up two months after the end of Daughter of the Deep; Keira and her crew are on the hunt for a cure to save her from the Dark God.  Desperate and running out of time, Connor has managed to banish the NightMare of the Four Seas. Separating our beloved Keira from her family and setting into motion his plan to lay waste to the Deyrnas.

Keira and Ronan are together far less in Sister of the Stars, and Amarego uses this to her advantage. Weaving Keira’s and Ronan’s POVs together, Amarego tells two tales. Through the eyes of Ronan, we see devastation and ruin across the Deyrnas.  We see a crew without their Captain band together, vowing to do whatever is necessary to save their people from starvation. It’s what Keira would do and so the legend of Rydha is born.

Through Keira’s eyes, we discover a whole new side to the Deyrnas and our half-wild pirate. Our silver wheel finds herself on the run after being framed by Conor. Washed ashore on Hiraeth, Keira discovers a part of herself she didn’t know existed and answers to questions she never dared to speak out loud. Armed with new, very bad-ass friends and the help of an old one Keira sets out to save her husband, her family and her home from Connor Yorath.

Amarego’s writing is more assertive in Sister of the Stars. It’s demanding and urgent, commanding my attention from the first page.  Sister of the Stars is a brilliant and beautiful story, darker with higher stakes and even bigger losses. I will be anxiously awaiting news about book three.


Born to the darkness and death, a black swan with clipped wings that never got a chance to fly.

The legend of the NightMare of the Four Seas, who could scare even the Dark God into submission. Who Could drag her own good-for-nothing husband back from the Otherworld with her will and a spring alone.


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