REVIEW ★ Fable & Namesake ★ Adrienne Young

Book review – Fable Duology – Fable and Namesake Review – Adrienne Young

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how stunning these covers are? They’re perfect.  Fable alone is enchanting, and then you add in Namesake and well, WOW.  Have there ever been duology covers as gorgeous?

 I would argue no.

Adrienne Young’s Fable series didn’t really cross my radar when Fable had been released in September of 2020.  When I started to see both books together on Instagram, I could not resist them.  I have a confession; I am obsessed with redheads.  & therefore, of course, I had to read them.

What a ride.  I was not at all prepared for the journey Young was going to take me on.  Fable was extraordinary.  I could not get enough; Young had me hanging on every single word. Our heroine, seventeen-year-old Fable, was abandoned by her father, Saint, on an island of ill repute.  Four years later, when our story starts, Fable has found a way off the island.

Enter the crew of the Marigold.

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the Marigold.  For four years, her captain West has been trading with Fable. It’s how she’s survived, dredging for pyre to trade for coin.  It doesn’t take long for Fable to discover the Marigold is a shadow ship.  A shadow ship for the most powerful trader in the Narrows, her father, Saint.

For Fable’s own protection, no one knows Saint is her father.  And no one knows she inherited the ability to hear the song of gemstones from her mother. Her way back to her father and the life she once knew is just the beginning of the tale Young wove.  Saint turns his back on Fable once again. Leaving her with nothing but a map to an inheritance on the bottom of the seafloor. 

Is a fantasy novel indeed a fantasy novel if it doesn’t contain some romance?

Over the years, Fable and West grew fond of each other. She convinces the Marigold crew to take her on as their dredger in exchange for her inheritance. Vowing to get West and the Marigold out from under her father’s control. They just have to go get it. 

By the time the last few chapters of book one rolled around, I had thought it had to be over numerous times.  I kept thinking, this chapter here has to be the last one.  I was so anxious for Fable and the crew of the Marigold. But then there would be another chapter & I could barely breathe by the time I finally reached the last few pages. 

I was never so happy to have access to the next book in a series in my life as I was the moment I finished Fable.  I instantly started Namesake, which begins within hours of Fable’s ending.  Young didn’t take it easy on my heart; she brilliantly pulled me back into the new predicament Fable found herself in. And what a predicament it was.

I loved every minute of Namesake.  It was a beautiful continuation and end to the story.   Just like the sea, Young had wave after wave of emotion crashing over me. Tsunamis of anticipation and excitement from the moment I started reading. It didn’t stop until I was finished.

This was a beautiful story told from the eyes of a fierce heroine who doesn’t once back down in the face of danger. I can not recommend this duology enough. It’s become one of my favourite stories, and I will cherish the words between the pages.  If only I could forget so, I could experience it all over again.

Five stars for Fable & 4.5 for Namesake. Read them. You won’t be disappointed.


Goodreads listing for the duology.

Adrienne Young’s webpage.

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