2021 Reading Wrap Up – Books I tossed in the DNF pile.

Hello book fiends!

I’ve talked about dnf’ing books in the past. It’s not something I usually like doing. Authors put their hearts and souls into their writing. And it just seems like such a shame to not finish reading, but I have most read Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense in the past.

They are a completely different breed of books than what I chose to read this year.

My TBR list keeps getting longer; I can’t read any faster. In fact, if anything, I read slower now than I ever did. Even if I lived a hundred lives, I’d never finish my current TBR list. So if a book isn’t turning my crank to the DNF pile, it goes now. I learned something, though, I am not a fan of Contemporary or Historical Fiction.

I did not finish three novels this year—three very trendy novels.

I purposely dnf’d Lore – I literally could not stand that the character’s name was Lore. Maybe it’s a good book, great even, but I will never know. As for The Lost Apothecary & The Song of Achilles, I haven’t completely written them off. However, they both unintentionally got left behind. There were other books to be read & they were not holding my attention.

& that’s it, my friends. Did you dnf any books in 2021?

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